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    ESA Call for Proposals: Space4Sport Kick-Start

    Over recent years, sport as an industry has been particularly receptive to new developments in technology and analytics. Wearable technologies have diversified, both at a professional sports science level and in the consumer fitness market. Teams and sporting bodies have worked to make their stadiums more connected, with all major new stadiums now being built with this in mind.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Augmented Reality in the Integrative Internet of Things (AR-IoT): Application for Precision Farming

    This paper introduces the use of augmented reality (AR) as a support to IoT data visualization, called AR-IoT. The AR-IoT system superimposes IoT data directly onto real-world objects and enhances object interaction. As a case study, this system is applied to crop monitoring. Multi-camera, a non-destructive and low-cost imaging platform of the IoT, is connected to the internet and integrated into the system to measure the three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of objects.

    A Survey on Deep Learning in Crop Planting

    We review deep learning applications in crop planting. In addition, we discuss the challenges and future trend of deep learning in crop planting. We hope that this review could promote more researchers to apply deep learning methods in crop planting field.

    Biocontrol: a natural approach to food security

    Instead of using potentially harmful pesticides to protect our food supplies from pests, researchers working within the EU-funded BINGO project are using the natural enemies of pests to control their populations.

    Call for Applications: International Start-Up Program with a focus on Blockchain and Extended Entertainment

    Ubisoft announced the fourth season of its start-up program at the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F in Paris, France as well as its expansion to Singapore. By expanding this program to Asia. Ubisoft will be able to support and reach out to more entrepreneurs around the world working on innovative technologies to help shape the future of entertainment. The “Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab” as it will now be known is managed by Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for proposals: Solutions to collect and analyze public data on companies

    ENGIE has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider for advanced storage, data collection and analysis solutions. The call for projects continues ENGIE's work on data enhancement to better serve its customers and offer increasingly innovative solutions based on the cloud.
    Application Deadline in a month

    PLUG-N-HARVEST Architecture for Secure and Intelligent Management of Near-Zero Energy Buildings

    This paper presents the PLUG-N-HARVEST architecture based on cloud AI systems and security-by-design IoT networks to manage near-zero ADBE constructions in both residential and commercial buildings. To demonstrate the PLUG-N-HARVEST architecture, three different real-world pilots have been considered in Germany, Greece and Spain.

    Optimized Subsurface Irrigation System: The Future of Sugarcane Irrigation

    OPSIS (optimized subsurface irrigation system) is a new solar-powered automatic subsurface irrigation system that creates a phreatic zone below crop roots and relies on capillarity to supply water to the root zone. It is designed for upland crops such as sugarcane.

    Call for projects: Electric Cooking Solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa

    ENGIE Africa is looking for electric cooking solutions for access to clean cooking that align with any of the following goals: Providing affordable, fast-deployed and energy-efficient access to electric cooking for households connected to off grid mini-grid in remote rural areas, Taking advantage of digital solutions through mobile economy, efficient payment platforms and powerful data platforms.
    Application Deadline in 17 days

    The Application Of Blockchain In Food Industry

    For food tracking applications of blockchain technology, entering data into the system does not prove that the data is true in the first place. Such systems will most likely be consortium blockchains managed by the food companies, so they are not immune to manipulation. The main importance of this system is that it erases the need for a lengthy paper trail that stakeholders cannot access.

    EU Call for Proposals: U-space services and Drone traffic management for airports

    Proposals must include research activities leading to further development of the U-space concept.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    A Smart Decision System for Digital Farming

    In this paper, the advantages are demonstrated of a powerful tool that applies real-time decisions from data such as variable rate irrigation, and selected parameters from field and weather conditions. The field parameters, the index vegetation (estimated using aerial images), and the irrigation events, such as flow level, pressure level, and wind speed, are periodically sampled.

    Dubai's partnership to boost collaborations between the UAE government entities and start-ups from around the world

    To increase the opportunities available to innovators locally and internationally, TECOM Group, a member of Dubai Holding and founder of start-up-enabling platform in5, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with Dubai Future Foundation, DFF, and Dubai Development Authority, DDA.

    EU Call for Proposals: Software suite enabling real–time cyber defence situational awareness for military decision-making

    Proposals submitted under this topic must bring support to the ongoing CSA capabilities of the Member States. In this way, they shall focus on providing operational prototypes of software suites for enabling real-time CSA that facilitate military decision-making. Contributions should introduce cognitive visualisation tools and integration with existing sensors. The system should be multi-tiered meaning information, which shall be aggregated according to the needs of the viewer at technical, operational or strategic level.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Applications: GIST Business Incubation 2019 for Global Startups in Scientific or Technological sector

    The incubation program GIST 2019 companies will provide entrepreneurs with exposure to the US market and start-up resources. While in residence with the program, participants will work to refine their ideas, build their business plans and find the right market for their product. Participating entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to network in the startup ecosystem where they are.
    Application Deadline in 2 months

    Call for Applications: The Core Infrastructure Fund - Building block technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security

    The Core Infrastructure Fund supports the ‘building block’ technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security and circumvention tools strengthening internet freedom, digital security, and the overall health of the internet.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for projects: Urban Power & Clean Water Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

    ENGIE Africa is a long-term partner for Africa’s growing energy needs. It has over 50 years of experience on the continent and employs 3,000 people of which 98% are Africans. ENGIE now has over 3,000 MW of energy capacity, it is a leader in energy services and provides clean off-grid electricity to more than 2 million people. Africa’s business context is particular and needs new models and technologies which are tailored to its specific needs.
    Application Deadline in 17 days

    EU Call for Proposals: Solar Energy in Industrial Processes

    The potential of applying solar energy for industrial purposes is still largely untapped. Using solar energy to provide the heat or cooling necessary to industrial processes that need high reliability and high quality heat and cooling and continuous operation requires innovative advances in solar energy technology. Also, industrial processes might need to be adapted to the use of the solar resource. Industrial actors expect solutions with limited installation, maintenance and operation requirements and which are easy to operate.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Agronomic Evaluation of Biochar, Compost and Biochar-Blended Compost across Different Cropping Systems: Perspective from the European Project FERTIPLUS

    A slow pyrolysis oak biochar was applied, either alone or in combination with organic residues: compost from olive wastes in Murcia (Spain), sheep manure in Almeria (Spain), and compost from biowaste and green waste in Belgium and Italy. The agronomical benefits were evaluated based on different aspects of soil fertility (soil total organic carbon (TOC), pH, nutrient cycling and microbial activity) and crop nutritional status and productivity.

    Call for Applications: Collaborate with The Alan Turing Institute as an AI Startup Challenge Owner

    As part of the Data Study Group, Startup Challenge owners will work collaboratively with a pool of 50+ academic specialists and The Alan Turing Institute. The intensive five-day collaborative event brings together industry, government, and the third sector, with talented multi-disciplinary academic researchers to delve deeper into and quickly prototype possible solutions to your data science challenges.
    Application Deadline in a year

    Call for Applications: Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit

    We select 300 startups to join our intensive 2 days (Jun, 20 to 21) Start-ups will engage with our international team of advisors, successful entrepreneurs and investors in unique daily activities that are designed to help entrepreneurs gain new perspective and focus.
    Application Deadline in a month

    International Job Vacancy: Landscape Designer

    The Landscape Designer will work on our industrial estate project.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    ESA Call for Proposals : Artificial Intelligence Kick-Start

    The following topics are non-exhaustive examples of areas relevant to the theme of artificial intelligence. They can benefit from using integrated terrestrial and space-based technologies: Retail, Electric Utility,Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Social good
    Application Deadline in 6 months

    Call for Projects: Solutions for the Future of Mobility in the UK

    ENGIE has made green mobility one of its key strategic priorities. This includes the continued development of green mobility infrastructure and associated services (including EV, public transport and gas mobility solutions) around the UK.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Proposals: Innovation Platforms, Agribusinesses and other Multi-stakeholders platforms to Scale Agricultural Technologies in Africa

    The goal of this call is to competitively provide support to existing/new innovation Platforms, agribusinesses and other Multi-stakeholders platforms to bring technologies to scale on TAAT commodities value chain: rice, wheat, maize, sorghum/millet, cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, fish and small livestock (including poultry).
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Young Leaders & Innovators for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Junior Chamber International (JCI) and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth (SDSN Youth) are partnering to offer young leaders the global recognition, tools, training, and resources needed to scale their SDG-focused projects.
    Application Deadline in 12 days

    Job Vacancy: Senior Agricultural Infrastructure & Irrigation Engineer

    Deko Industries is Exporter and Manufacturer of agrifood products. We promote and use open source technologies in our operations. We have operations in the Southeast Asia and West Africa. We are looking to hire a Senior Agricultural Infrastructure & Irrigation Engineer.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Applications: Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019

    The Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards can help you take your sustainability initiative, product or service to the next level. Take a look at what you need to know about the Awards this year. Then send us your entry!
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Pitch AgriHack 2019 for Young e-agriculture Start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The competition is open to both male and female founders and co-founders of startups offering digital services to the agricultural sector. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 35 years old.
    Application Deadline in 4 days

    Call for Applications: Ecotrophelia Next Food Generation

    ECOTROPHELIA NEXT FOOD GENERATION aims to gather the most innovative food concepts, i.e. projects that haven't seen the light of day up to start-ups that just entered the market, in a privileged space in one of the most attractive tradeshows for the food sector.
    Application Deadline in 14 days

    Smart aquaponic system based Internet of Things (IoT)

    This research designed a smart aquaponics system that could control and monitor the degree of acidity, water level, water temperature, and fish feed that were integrated with internet-based mobile application.

    Call for Proposals: The Online Safety Benchmark

    The goal of the RFP is to challenge the community to address these challenges together, and to solicit new tasks. The results of the challenge will be presented at the Truth and Trust Online conference, to be held on October 4th and 5th in London, UK. Award recipients should plan to attend the conference if possible.
    Application Deadline in 10 days

    Call for Applications: Apple Entrepreneur Camp

    Apple Entrepreneur Camp’s technology labs in Cupertino, California take place once a quarter. Applications are accepted worldwide and on a rolling basis, so you can apply for any dates that are currently scheduled. Learn about eligibility requirements and the application process.
    Application Deadline in 2 months

    April Crypto Highs And Lows

    One of the most exciting aspects of dealing with cryptocurrency is waiting to see what surprises lay ahead. Every month, there are numerous predictions by industry figures, investors, and cryptocurrency users, but due to cryptocurrency’s inherent volatility, many predictions never manifest.

    Call for Applications: SLINGSHOT 2019 - Global startup competition in Singapore

    Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the government agency driving the development of startups and enterprises in Singapore, SLINGSHOT 2019 returns for its third year with six key tracks for participants.
    Application Deadline in a month

    From blockchain in coffee supply chains to Blue Fashion, showcasing innovative solutions for Zero Hunger at the Seeds&Chips Summit

    At the 5th edition of the Seeds and Chips Summit (6-9 May), which brings together more than 350 companies and organizations, and has over 50 sessions and events, the UN agency is showcasing several such innovative agricultural solutions.

    Call for EOIs: Climate Smart Agriculture East Africa

    SNV is inviting expressions of interest from private sector-led agribusinesses to co-invest in the implementation of climate change adaptation, productivity improvements and inclusive business models under its Climate Smart Agriculture East Africa Project (CSA-EA) project.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Applications: Enel Boston Innovation Hub

    We want to work with the best startups worldwide, offering our expertise, opening the doors of our laboratories and guaranteeing the resources required to develop better solutions in a fast way.
    Application Deadline in 7 months

    Research and Development of Automatic Monitoring System for Livestock Farms

    In this study we have developed an automatic monitoring system based on wireless communication networks in both dairy and pig farms to replace traditional manual data collection of the environmental conditions and manual controls of fans and water control valves in livestock farms to solve the man-power shortage problem for livestock farming.

    Combining UAV-based hyperspectral imagery and machine learning algorithms for soil moisture content monitoring

    Soil moisture content (SMC) is an important factor that affects agricultural development in arid regions. Compared with the space-borne remote sensing system, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been widely used because of its stronger controllability and higher resolution.

    First Ever Fully Functional 3D Printed IoT Communication Device Developed for Use in Smart Homes and Products

    Nano Dimension announced that it has created the first fully functional, 3D printed communication device, at a faster speed than has ever been achieved to date with traditionally made devices. This first ever additively manufactured (3D printed) IoT device developed by Nano Dimension, enables companies and research institutions to create and test their ‘smart’ products and other prototypes faster and more easily than ever before.

    Call for startup applications: Innovative solutions/technologies in the Agrifood & Water Tech landscape of West Africa

    The Corporate Innovation Challenge is a simple and exciting format that allows companies to work with startups over 2.5 days towards solving a specific challenge, defined by the corporate. In a moderated format, we combine the expertise of corporates with the agility and innovative power of startups to solve some of the most pressing challenges on the ground, therefore exposing them to new business areas.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Applications: ASEAN Tech Awards 2019

    Leveraging the many talented professionals & disruptive businesses in the region, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore is pleased to organise the ASEAN Tech Awards 2019: Innovative Solutions to Transform the Future.
    Application Deadline in 13 days

    EU Call for Applications: Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital

    This action will implement project(s) at the cross roads between different cultural and creative sectors (including audiovisual), for instance through the use of innovative technologies, including virtual reality. It will also foster innovative cross-sectoral approaches and tools to facilitate access, distribution, promotion and monetisation of culture and creativity, including cultural heritage.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge

    Planet is looking for new solutions that combine Copernicus data with Planet’s global imagery to solve important sustainable development challenges faced by today’s population.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Proposals: ESA Copernicus 4.0 Challenge

    The ESA Copernicus 4.0 Challenge is looking for solutions that reflect the upcoming “golden era” in Earth Observation by demonstrating how new trends in EO can work together with the traditional EO satellites.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Proposals: Airbus Sobloo Multi-Data Challenge

    Airbus Defence and Space together with sobloo are looking for solutions that use both Copernicus and Airbus Earth Observation data to deliver new services and/or applications that provide insight and have impact on areas like Natural Resources Consumption, Agriculture, Forestry, Maritime, Defence & Security and Smart Cities. Participants with solutions for other markets are also eligible to enter the Challenge. Solutions should be technically operational, compatible with Airbus and Copernicus EO data and provide valuable information to the end users.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: BMVI Digital Transport Challenge

    The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is looking for solutions that use Copernicus data to solve major challenges faced by transport systems today.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Proposals: BayWa Smart Farming Challenge

    BayWa is looking for innovative solutions that use new technologies, ideas and products to support sustainable agriculture. As the global population continues to grow every year, so too does the demand for agricultural products. To continue feeding the world without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by society, and can only be achieved by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production. BayWa invites submissions that look to tackle this challenge by combining satellite data with other data sources in an innovative and commercially viable way, and where possible, by using machine learning/artificial intelligence to process the data.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

    The Copernicus Masters Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is looking for solutions using Copernicus data that solve social, cultural, or environmental issues and generate a positive return to society.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Proposals: DLR Environment, Energy & Health Challenge

    DLR is looking for innovative ideas that use Earth observation data to drive the sustainable management of our limited natural resources and foster human well-being. In addition to using Copernicus data and other Earth observation satellite data, participants are encouraged to supplement their ideas with other sources of data, such as information generated by crowd-sourcing, social media or in-situ measurements. Ideas should support professionals working in these areas, inform the public, or empower public authorities to take action and solve issues on a local, national, or global scale.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: K-Start-up Grand Challenge in South Korea

    K-Startup Grand Challenge is a project conducted and financed by the Korean government. Ultimate objectives of the K-Startup Grand Challenge are to promote the expansion of an open entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia and to assist in South Korea's evolution into a prominent startup business hub in the region.
    Application Deadline in 25 days

    Toyota AI Ventures Launch New $100M Fund

    Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Toyota AI Ventures (TAIV) today announced Fund II, a new $100 million fund dedicated to investing in early-stage startups developing disruptive technologies and business models in the autonomous mobility and robotics markets.

    Call for Applications: Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Systems in developing countries

    The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish (FIL) funds country-focused research and capacity building projects to support the development of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries systems in developing countries. The lab will fund approx. 10 proposals for up to three years. The expected average size is US$500 thousand.
    Application Deadline in 4 days

    Identification of Pathological Disease in Plants Using the Intel Distribution of the OpenVINO Toolkit for Computer Vision

    To improve crop harvest rates, Risab Biswas developed a computer vision application to help farmers more easily detect pathological disease in their plants.

    Call for Applications: EIT Digital Challenge - Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Finance or Digital core technologies

    Are you a fast-growing European digital technology scaleup? Has your company developed deep tech solutions within the areas of industry, cities, wellbeing, finance or digital core technologies? Does your company already have significant revenues and is less than ten years old? Apply for the EIT Digital Challenge and win an international growth package worth up to €100,000 to scale up your business.
    Application Deadline in 25 days

    Framework of an IoT-based Industrial Data Management for Smart Manufacturing

    This paper presents a framework of an IoT-based Industrial Data Management System (IDMS) which can manage the huge industrial data, support online monitoring, and control smart manufacturing. The framework contains five basic layers such as physical, network, middleware, database, and application layers to provide a service-oriented architecture for the end users.

    Call for Applications: MENA SingularityU Global Impact Challenge 2019

    Global challenges for impact (GIC) are annual competitions organized by region and theme. These challenges are an open call to entrepreneurs, managers, scientists and engineers to offer the most innovative ideas in moonshot innovations and startups that can have a positive impact on a billion people in 10 years.
    Application Deadline in 18 days

    EU Call for Applications: Entrepreneurs, spin-outs, start-ups, SME or others to receive mentoring as part of Astropreneurs project

    The purpose of this call is to select entrepreneurs, spin-outs, start-ups, SME or others to receive mentoring, as part of the EU-Horizon2020 funded project “Astropreneurs”. Up to 50 hours of mentoring is available for each successful applicant, over a 3-month period. This will be an open call, running until January 2020 and all mentoring will be completed until June 2020.
    Application Deadline in 9 months

    UNWTO partners with Telefónica to promote tourism sector digitalization

    The alliance, whose first phase will be in effect until the end of 2020, revolves around four initial lines of action: digital entrepreneurship; application of new technologies in the tourism sector; Digital Education and training; and the development of a specific Digital Agenda for the tourism industry.

    A Review of Machine Learning and IoT in Smart Transportation

    The purpose of this paper is to make a self-contained review of ML techniques and IoT applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and obtain a clear view of the trends in the aforementioned fields and spot possible coverage needs. From the reviewed articles it becomes profound that there is a possible lack of ML coverage for the Smart Lighting Systems and Smart Parking applications.

    Call for Applications: FIRE Africa Awards 2019 for Project promoting ICT development in Africa

    The FIRE Africa Awards seek to acknowledge innovative initiatives in Africa and have made concrete contributions to the use of information and communications technologies and have had a strong impact on the region’s social and economic development.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Remote Control of Greenhouse Vegetable Production with Artificial Intelligence - Greenhouse Climate, Irrigation, and Crop Production

    An international competition on “autonomous greenhouses” aimed to combine horticultural expertise with AI to make breakthroughs in fresh food production with fewer resources. Five international teams, consisting of scientists, professionals, and students with different backgrounds in horticulture and AI, participated in a greenhouse growing experiment.

    Transforming low-value Biomass into Highly Valuable for Energy-Recovery Fuels

    An EU-funded initiative has developed a process for treating low-value biomass to remove the ash content and provide high quality feedstocks.

    Call for Applications: USDA/NIFA - Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program

    The United States Agency for International Development, National Institute of Food and Agriculture is seeking applications for its Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program.
    Application Deadline in 14 days

    EU Call for Proposals: Digital Information Management

    Proposals should develop innovative concepts supporting and simplifying storing, cataloguing and sharing of data between stakeholders and address this from different perspectives: operational, technological, economical and legal. Different types of data could be considered, e.g. operational data, performance data or safety data.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    EU Call for Proposals: Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises

    In order to protect the freedom, security and privacy, and ensure personal data protection of the citizens in Europe, citizens should be enabled to assess the risk involved in their digital activities and configure their own security, privacy and personal data protection settings and controls across these services. Citizens need to be fully aware that their informed consent is necessary in many situations and become capable in providing their permission/consent for allowing accessing their personal data/devices/terminals with an increased level of granularity.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    4 Unpopular Choices To Consider In 2019

    Now that old investors are recuperating from the loss and new investors are joining the market, the decision of which coins to invest in is a difficult one. To be fair, most coins have great features, milestones and plans to positively change one mundane system or the other. If successful, investors in these coins stand to gain a lot in the long run.

    Smart buildings are even smarter with energy-harvesting sensors

    Smart buildings use sensors to regulate energy consumption, ventilation and other aspects of the internal environment. Now an EU-funded project has developed a way to power sensors without the need for batteries.

    EU Call for Proposals: Multipurpose unmanned ground system

    European strategy and co-operation in developing autonomous land systems has to be ambitious for EU troops to effectively engage, protect, deploy, sustain and command in the future battlefield.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    EU Call for Proposals: Demonstrate bio-based pesticides and/or biostimulant agents for sustainable increase in agricultural productivity

    One of the biggest challenges of agriculture is to guarantee high crop yields and productivity, while matching increasingly stringent environmental regulations dealing with the agricultural sector. Moreover, the increasing world population and the related increased demand for sustainable food production systems are boosting the expansion of agricultural practices also in currently un- or under-exploited lands. Thus, the optimal use of such new arable lands calls for environmentally friendly products for plant health enhancement, such as biostimulants able to foster plant growth without ‘overloading’ the environment with potentially harmful chemical inputs.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Nominations: Internet for Development (I4D) Award 2019 for the Asia Pacific region

    ISIF Asia 2019 Internet for Development Award nominations will be accepted from 1 April. The winner will receive a USD 3,500 cash prize plus a travel grant to attend the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2019 in Berlin where the awards ceremony will take place. The 2019 Award will recognize the positive contributions of Internet-based innovations to development focusing on powering Internet infrastructure.
    Application Deadline in 10 days

    Call for Applications: Artificial Intelligence for Earth Innovation Program

    To address the many pressing scientific questions and environmental challenges facing our planet, we must increase global understanding of how human activity is affecting natural systems and create a community of change, driven by data and cutting-edge technology. Modern technologies, such as satellite and remote imaging, bioacoustic monitoring, and genomics, have led to massive and more complex data sets. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can capitalize on the information potential of such data, leading to faster and more meaningful insights and creating the potential for transformative solutions.
    Application Deadline in 2 months

    Top 10 Ripple Exchanges

    Ripple (XRP) is a technology which functions as a platform, digital currency, and bank network, simplifying the process of cross border remittance. It also lowers the costs drastically and increases transaction speed.In recent years, Ripple has become increasingly popular for various developments and partnerships with notable figures including MoneyGram and American Express. This explosion has led investors and traders to take advantage of the booming XRP price. As the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ripple is more appealing than ever. However, one of the most common questions investors ask is where to buy it. Before even buying XRP, users must have a wallet ready. It can be a web, desktop, mobile or hardware wallet. After that, all Ripple coins should be bought on a secure platform, known as a cryptocurrency exchange.

    Call for Proposals: Creative ideas or approaches to provide customized electricity and gas products and/or services

    Enel is seeking creative ideas or approaches to provide customized electricity and gas products and/or services and to satisfy individual customer’s needs in order to provide a unique value with respect to diversity and inclusion. Desirable approaches can, but are not limited to, leverage on digital disruptions or new technologies (e.g. smart meters), automate Enel processes, enhance flexibility of current commercial portfolio, etc. Any solution with a compelling business justification will be considered.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Sugarcane bioenergy in Southern Africa: Economic potential for sustainable scale-up

    Southern African countries possess substantial sugarcane industries that could also be a significant source of sustainable heat, power and biofuels. This study reviews the bioenergy potential from sugarcane and associated development costs in seven sugar-producing countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), aiming to provide a foundation for more detailed country-level studies exploring practical potential.

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications In Agriculture

    The objective of this paper is to review the usage of UAV in agriculture applications. Based on the literature, we found that a lot of agriculture applications can be done by using UAV.

    Call for Applications: MIT Solve Challenges 2019 - Innovative, Human-centered, Tech-based solutions

    Each year Solve seeks solutions from tech innovators around the world for its Global Challenges, and anyone can submit a solution by July 1, 2019. Finalists are invited to pitch their solutions at Solve Challenge Finals during UN General Assembly Week in New York City in September.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Africa’s top hardware and deeptech based startups on a tour of exciting tech cities in Asia

    PitchDrive II by CcHUB, in partnership with Google for Startups, will engage 10 of Africa’s top hardware and deeptech based startups on a tour of exciting tech cities in Asia.
    Applications are closed

    International job offer: Agricultural Engineer specializing in Precision Farming

    As an agricultural engineer specialized in precision farming, you will work with our multidisciplinary and multicultural team to implement precision farming in our multi-site commercial farms.
    Application Deadline in 10 days

    State-of-the-Art Internet of Things in Protected Agriculture

    This review aims to gain insight into the state-of-the-art of IoT applications in protected agriculture and to identify the system structure and key technologies. Therefore, we completed a systematic literature review of IoT research and deployments in protected agriculture over the past 10 years and evaluated the contributions made by different academicians and organizations.

    WSMS: Wearable Stress Monitoring System based on IoT Multi-Sensor Platform for Living Sheep Transportation

    This paper proposes a non-invasive Wearable Stress Monitoring System (WSMS) with PhotoPlethysmoGram (PPG), Infrared Temperature Measurement (ITM), and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) that aimed to remotely and continuously monitor the stress signs of sheep during transportation.

    Call for Applications: Scholarships for mobile developers for training

    Google is partnering with Pluralsight to give you free access to Pluralsight course content plus support from the Andela Learning Community across three skills development tracks: Mobile Web, Android and Google Cloud. After completing your desired skills development track, you will be eligible to receive a Google certification grant to take Google’s Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams.
    Application Deadline in 7 months

    EU Call for industry-led projects: Developing Innovations that have the potential to curb childhood obesity in Europe

    As part of this call, the STOP Consortium will make available €600,000 to fund up to four projects aimed at developing innovations at technology readiness level 4 or 5. In addition to the funding, successful applicants will benefit from in-kind support and opportunities provided by members of the STOP Consortium and wider partnership, to help them succeed in their projects.
    Application Deadline in 3 days

    Call for Applications: Google Cloud for Startups

    Build your startup with the infrastructure and tools used by Google. The Google Cloud for Startups program is designed to grow with you. Your early-stage startup can take advantage of community events, training, and Cloud credits as you build and scale your business.
    Application Deadline in 7 months

    Cryptocurrency Taxes: What You Need To Know

    Taxpayers are advised to research on cryptocurrency tax expectations and stay ahead of the game by filing taxes before the IRS comes knocking. Currently, only several hundred people have been filing crypto taxes each year, which shows that others are deliberately avoiding them. As digital currencies gain increased popularity, the IRS is more focused on cryptocurrency than ever and it is essential to pay all due taxes.

    Call for Proposals: Research on Krill biology, ecology and fisheries

    Each grant will be for a specific piece of work, and no long-term commitment to any individual or group should be assumed. The AWR is competitive and only proposals that are judged to provide excellent science and to fit the aims of the fund will be considered.
    Applications are closed

    ESA's Call for Tender: Mining Kick-Start - New Applications and Services exploiting one or more Space Assets

    Satellite technology can add value to the four major types of mining operations: surface, underground, dredge, and artisanal & small-scale (ASM). It can help to protect miners working in characteristically hazardous environments and to prevent risky illegal mining activities.
    Applications are closed

    Growth of tree species and sugarcane production in agroforestry systems

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the growth of five tree species and its effect on sugarcane yields in different planting arrays in agroforestry systems. The study was conducted from 2007 to 2011 in the city of Frederico Westphalen, RS, Brazil.

    Tomato Automation Cultivation System: Automatize Watering and Fertilizer Based On Sensory Information

    This project aims to increase the efficiency of planting tomato, by reducing the tomato growth period and promoting the innovative way of planting. The planting of tomato tree in the household environment has a high chance of suffering diseases such as black spot disease, mould leaf disease, and yellow leaf disease, due to reasons of poorly controlling of temperature, watering, and humanity

    Secure identities can boost inclusivity in the digital economy

    As identity plays a critical role in the digital economy, countries have a duty of care to protect human rights when implementing programmes that create digital identities, experts said at UNCTAD eCommerce Week in Geneva, Switzerland on April 4.

    Singapore Wins International Award for its Artificial Intelligence Governance and Ethics Initiatives

    Singapore announced that its work in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance and Ethics has won a top award at the prestigious World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes.

    EU Call for Proposals: Environment and Resource Efficiency

    LIFE co-finances projects in the environmental sector in particular in the areas of air, chemicals, green and circular economy, industrial accidents, marine and coastal management, noise, soil, waste, water, and the urban environment.The programme provides action grants for pilot and demonstration projects to develop, test and demonstrate policy or management approaches.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Mastercard Start Path Global for Startups

    Mastercard Start Path Global is Mastercard’s worldwide award-winning program for innovative later stage startups from across the globe. It enables later-stage tech startups to rapidly scale through unparalleled access to Mastercard’s technology, solutions expertise and partners around the world.
    Application Deadline in a month

    A New Age For Digital Advertising With Blockchain

    Advertising has become an essential part of promoting any type of business available and even plays a role in driving the data market further. The world of advertising is worth billions of dollars and is on course to hit $120 billion by 2021 in the US.

    AMable Call for Proposals: EU Funding to Enhance Competitiveness of SMEs in the 3D Printing Sector

    The AMable call (open to SMEs from the European Union) will allocate around 300,000 Euros, facilitating the establishment of new connections between different clusters to leverage the competitiveness of the SME manufacturing fabric.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Proposals: Neural Machine Translation for Low Resource Languages

    We are pleased to invite the academic community to respond to this call for research proposals on low-resource MT. Applicants for the research awards will be expected to contribute to the field of low resource MT through innovative approaches to obtain strongly performing models under low-resource training conditions.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Projects: Innovative Electric Mobility Solutions for Rural Africa

    This call for projects aims to identify companies producing electric vehicles adapted to Africa and to test these vehicles with villagers in Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda. We are particularly looking for two types of vehicles: Electric motorcycles able of going anywhere and Electric motors for boats
    Applications are closed

    Job Vacancy: Engineering Project Manager - Integrated Sugar Mill

    The Engineering Project Manager will lead the installation of the integrated sugar mill (comprising of sugar mills to crush cane, juice/syrup processing and storage equipment), together with the associated boiler and co-generation plant, and effluent treatment plant.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    EU Call for Proposals: Produce components for various materials, including for food and feed, from microalgae

    The specific challenge is to scale up and lower the costs of microalgae cultivation combined with downstream processing towards commercial valorisation of marketable products.
    Application Deadline in 3 months
    2 months ago

    Bühler introduces blockchain-ready solutions to cut food poisoning rates and increase production efficiency

    At the Microsoft booth at the Hannover Messe, Bühler is introducing leading-edge technologies to increase food safety standards. Laatu is a breakthrough technology to reduce microbial contamination in dry goods, and Tubex Pro, a smart, self-optimizing scale system. These solutions are connected to the Bühler Insights IoT platform to ensure a new degree of traceability and transparency along the food value chain.

    Vietnam ranked as the world's fourth highest seafood exporters

    Vietnam now ranks fourth globally, first in Southeast Asia and second in Asia in terms of exports of seafood, and its products are now available in over 170 countries and territories worldwide.

    EU Call for Proposals: Use tree species and/or varieties to create new bio-based value chains

    The forest-based sector has the potential to mobilise new biomass feedstock for the bio-based industry by using as yet underutilised tree biomass from both coniferous and non-coniferous species. Leaving the traditional applications of wood intact, the envisaged tree species and varieties could lay the groundwork for cultivating and using new feedstock for the bio-based industry.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Projects: Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Large Photovoltaic Plants

    Enel Green Power (EGP) is the leader in the renewable energy sector and operates in Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Thanks to innovative energy technologies, EGP produces power from solar and other renewable energy sources. EGP is committed to contributing to sustainable development and in this context, EGP is interested in finding innovative ideas for mitigating the environmental impact of large photovoltaic (PV) plants while maximizing the benefits for local communities.
    Application Deadline in 7 days

    Call for Applications: Transform Fund for Science Technology and Innovation

    The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has established a special Fund, known as Science, Technology and Innovation Transform Fund (IsDB-STIF) to support its Member Countries in finding practical solutions to key development challenges related to 6 focused Sustainable Development Goals through the power of innovation.
    Application Deadline in 10 days

    Call for Applications: Al-Sumait Prize 2019 - Food Security in Africa

    The prize is to be awarded to individuals or institutions who through their research projects or initiatives have made significant advancement in the Food Security on the African Continent.
    Applications are closed

    The future of agriculture is computerized

    Machine learning can reveal optimal growing conditions to maximize taste and other features.

    Optimising crop protection with a smart pest monitoring solution

    Pest insect monitoring has not changed for decades, but one crop protection project has combined monitoring information from smart field-based stations with artificial intelligence to predict pest dynamics on a completely new level.

    Call for Applications: French IoT contest

    This contest is designed to support innovation in the IoT by bringing together start-ups, innovative SMEs and large groups. It is thus a question of: Detect and enhance innovative connected objects and services; Offer added value to users by delivering high added value services combining local objects and services; Create value for all by accelerating the development of connected services involving start-ups and large groups in a co-innovation approach.
    Applications are closed

    The BMW Group and Microsoft launch the Open Manufacturing Platform

    Microsoft and the BMW Group announced a new community initiative to enable faster, more cost-effective innovation in the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing today, production and profitability can be hindered by complex, proprietary systems that create data silos and slow productivity. The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) is designed to break down these barriers through the creation of an open technology framework and cross-industry community.

    EU Call for Proposals: Technologies for first responders: Smart wearables, UAV and robots, connected and swarms of drones, systems based on the Internet of Things, solutions based on augmented or virtual reality, etc...

    Resilience is critical to allow authorities to take proper measures in response to severe disasters, both natural (including climate-related extreme events) and man-made. Innovation for disaster-resilient societies may draw from novel technologies, provided that they are affordable, accepted by the citizens, and customized and implemented for the (cross-sectoral) needs of first responders.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    EU Call for Proposals: Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems

    The purchase, maintenance and (cross-border) interconnection of automated systems for the recognition of number-plates (ANPRSs) or container codes for purposes relating to the protection of the Union’s financial interests. Requisite specialised training in the operation of such systems is included. Cross-border cooperation enabling the exchange of information to strengthen the fight against irregularities and suspected fraud will be strongly encouraged.
    Applications are closed

    Announcement of the Finalists of the 1st Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition

    The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Basque Culinary Center (BCC), with the support of PromPeru have announced the finalists to win the 1st Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition, which recognize disruptive, inspirational projects having made an invaluable contribution to innovation in gastronomy tourism.

    Call for Nominations: 2019 Raise Awards for Individual Fundraisers and Nonprofit Organizations

    The annual RAISE Awards honor the vision, passion, and dedication of top fundraising professionals and their nonprofit organizations. Share your story and how you’re shaping the future of fundraising.
    Application Deadline in 25 days

    New consortium to reduce environmental footprint of rice production

    The new consortium will introduce sustainable approaches to farming practices, incentivise production and demand for sustainable rice with market-based instruments, deliver policy support to governments, and improve knowledge sharing and collaboration on sustainable rice solutions.

    Call for Applications: IoT Innovation Challenge

    The Keysight IoT Innovation Challenge is a design competition that challenges students to make the world better for billions by innovating low-power IoT (Internet of Things). Students compete via online written and video submissions to win an all-expenses paid trip to the final competition at the World Maker Faire in New York (Sept. 21-22, 2019). Six teams (2 people per team) will advance to the final, where they will demonstrate their design ideas live on stage before a panel of judges.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Applications: The Bell Labs Prize 2019 - Game-changing and Impactful Ideas in ICT

    We are looking for game-changing and impactful ideas that have the potential to change the way we live, work and communicate with each other.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Applications: Innovative initiatives developing solutions in Education Technology

    Have you recently launched an education project that is using or designing new technologies? You have progressed beyond proof of concept. You are confident of your goals. But to move ahead, you would benefit from the perspectives and specialized assistance of experts. If you are ready to develop your project and connect with new partners or investors, the WISE Accelerator program could make a decisive difference for you!
    Applications are closed
    2 months ago

    Digital service delivery shows potential for developing world

    The phenomenal growth in exports of services that can be delivered online shows the potential of digitalization for businesses in developing countries.

    A Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Crypto exchanges serve a key role in the entire digital asset ecosystem. Like purchasing stocks and shares of a company through a traditional stock exchange, there are exchange platforms that exist to serve buyer and seller of cryptocurrencies.

    Precision Livestock Farming in Swine Welfare: A Review for Swine Practitioners

    This review, intended for swine veterinarians and specialists, (1) includes an introduction to algorithms and machine learning, (2) summarizes current literature on relevant sensors and sensor network systems, and drawing from industry pig welfare audit criteria, (3) explains how these applications can be used to improve swine welfare and meet current pork production stakeholder expectations.

    A bionic mushroom that generates electricity

    To make their bionic mushroom a reality, the researchers first 3D printed an electronic ink containing graphene nanoribbons onto the cap of a living mushroom in a branched pattern. They then printed a bio-ink containing cyanobacteria onto the cap in a spiral pattern, which intersected with the electronic ink at multiple points.

    Call for Applications: Fonds SUEZ Grants for Improving the Living Conditions of Individuals in developing countries

    The vocation of the Fondation SUEZ is to combat exclusion by favouring inclusion and consequently sustainably improving the living conditions and autonomy of persons via access to essential services, social insertion and social harmony.
    Applications are closed

    African Development Bank approves €12.5 million investment in Adiwale Fund 1 targeting Francophone West Africa

    The Fund will target three key sectors: consumers (comprising consumer goods and services, education and health); business services (transport, logistics, IT, internet services, construction-related services) and manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, agri-processing, chemicals, etc.).

    Call for Projects: Data Solution for Connected Places

    ENGIE UK & Ireland would like to hear from innovators and start-ups who have solutions that support the development of our Connected Places strategy, through new technology and service based solutions
    Applications are closed

    Call for Proposals: Designing cost-effective curbside electric vehicle charging stations

    Readily available public charging stations would increase the demand for EVs, but cities have been slow to install them due in part to the cost as well as limited curbside space. Therefore, Enel X is looking for innovative solutions to deploy a large number of EV charging stations that is economical, technically feasible, and aesthetically pleasing.
    Applications are closed

    EU Call for Proposals: Interoperability standards for military unmanned systems

    Interoperability of defence systems is key for the ability of different forces to operate safely and effectively together in joint or combined operations. It can be challenging for the armed forces to achieve desired levels of interoperability. Interoperability relates on a technical level to the possibility of connecting or commonly using equipment and systems. This can be enhanced by e.g the use of open standards or joint architectures. But interoperability can also require interlocking processes and can even have implications on concepts of use and employment of systems.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Applications: Africa Netpreneur Prize

    The Prize will be fully inclusive. Entrepreneurs of any age, gender, and sector who are nationals from any 54 African countries are encouraged to apply.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Google Code Jam 2019

    Code Jam is back for its 16th year! Join the Code Jam community and take on a series of challenging algorithmic puzzles designed by Google engineers. You’ll have a chance to earn the coveted title of Code Jam Champion and win 15,000 USD at the World Finals.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Nominations: Volvo Environment Prize 2020 to Promote Scientific Research & Innovations

    Nominations are open for the Volvo Environment Prize 2020 that is awarded for: Outstanding innovations or scientific discoveries, which in broad terms fall within the environmental fields.
    Application Deadline in 8 months

    Sensor Applications in Agrifood Systems: Current Trends and Opportunities for Water Stewardship

    A contextual map is developed for capturing the main technical, environmental and economic factors affecting the selection of sensors for water monitoring and stewardship during agricultural production. This first-effort framework, in terms of sensor-based freshwater monitoring, aims at supporting the agrifood system’s decision makers to identify the optimal sensor applications for improving sustainability and water efficiency in agricultural operations.

    EU Call for Proposals: Edge Computing

    Complex computing systems at the edge of the network, like in cyber-physical systems and industrial applications, suffer from the limitations of today’s computing technologies in terms of e.g. scalability, power efficiency, reliability, security and performance. Proposal should address innovative hardware and software solutions that can provide significant advances in relevant areas.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Nominations: The Norman Borlaug Award for exceptional, science-based achievement in international agriculture and food production

    This award will recognize exceptional, science-based achievement in international agriculture and food production by an individual under 40 who has clearly demonstrated intellectual courage, stamina, and determination in the fight to eliminate global hunger and poverty. The award will honor an individual who is working closely and directly “in the field” or at the production or processing level with farmers, animal herders, fishers or others in rural communities, in any discipline or enterprise across the entire food production, processing, and distribution chain.
    Application Deadline in 25 days

    FISHBOOST initiative proposed to improve European aquaculture production through optimised breeding

    There is a pressing need to improve aquaculture production, because of the growing global population. The multidisciplinary FISHBOOST initiative proposed to improve European aquaculture production through optimised breeding programmes.

    Call for Applications: Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2019

    We’re looking for talents with entrepreneurial, innovative mindsets to participate in our international networking event, “Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2019,” from June 24 to 26, 2019. Tackle the challenges and opportunities digitalization and big data both bring, and participate in demanding workshops. Work hand in hand with experienced Bertelsmann entrepreneurs on key business ideas, and present your results in front of a jury of Bertelsmann executives. Join “Talent Meets Bertelsmann” and gain an in-depth insight into one of the biggest media companies in the world.
    Applications are closed

    Bioenergy from boreal forests: Swedish approach to sustainable wood use

    As this report highlights, wood energy potential could be further enhanced by collecting a larger share of logging residues. Just over half of Swedish forest fellings come in the form of roundwood from tree trunks, which are harvested for lumber, other wood products, pulp and paper. While processing residues are already converted to bioenergy, felling residues – such as tree stumps and “slash” from branches and small trees – could also provide a sustainable bioenergy source.

    A Mobile-Based Deep Learning Model for Cassava Disease Diagnosis

    Convolutional neural network (CNN) models have the potential to improve plant disease phenotyping where the standard approach is visual diagnostics requiring specialized training. In scenarios where a CNN is deployed on mobile devices, models are presented with new challenges due to lighting and orientation. It is essential for model assessment to be conducted in real world conditions if such models are to be reliably integrated with computer vision products for plant disease phenotyping.

    Autonomous Agricultural Pesticide Spraying UAV

    The discussion is about the optimal design outline and examination of an Autonomous agricultural pesticide spraying UAV. Farming techniques have drastically evolved over the last few decades to keep up with the ever-growing demand for food. Among its various applications, the use of drones in farming, called agricultural drones, can help in increasing the yied of crop and to monitor its growth.

    Big Data as the basis for the innovative development strategy of the Industry 4.0

    The aim of the paper is establishing a link between Big Data connected with Industry 4.0. We are developing a modern economy which is based on supply chains and logistics. Within each logistics are IT solutions. Some of the world's solutions are compiled in this paper and guidelines are set in the development of such solutions.

    Call for Applications: FemBioBiz Acceleration Program 2019 for ambitious women leaders in green agri-food related businesses

    Hivos, SANBio and partners are looking for ambitious women leaders in green a/o agri-food related businesses. Women who want to grow their business through an acceleration program, and gain regional exposure and access to international markets. Participants stand a chance to win prizes in their countries, attend the SA Innovation Summit, and enjoy additional opportunities in and outside of the continent.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Proposals: Speakers at GraphQL Summit 2019

    GraphQL Summit welcomes developers of all experience levels and backgrounds. It’s important to us that our speaker lineup reflects a diverse balance of races, genders, and backgrounds, and we encourage underrepresented groups in tech and first-time speakers to apply.
    Application Deadline in 3 days

    Call for Projects: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Cities in Africa

    An innovative solution, with a strong French added value. In an African country for a public beneficiary. Sustainable city sectors : water, waste, energy, air quality, green mobility, sustainable housing, digital, etc
    Application Deadline in 24 days

    Best Altcoins To Invest In Right Now

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are the frontrunners of the global crytocurrency industry, but some of the best altcoins show investment prospects and can be valuable later on. Just like the case of Bitcoin and other major tokens, the biggest benefactors are the early stage investors. Before becoming an early stage investor, there must be strong signs that the particular asset of interest will do well in the long run. The following altcoin projects show these signs and make great additions to any digital currency investment portfolio.

    Call for Applications: Machines for Machine Intelligence

    Garages hold a special place in the history of tech. They are the beginning of great things; a place where game-changing innovations are born and incubated. Machine Intelligence Garage is a programme that helps businesses access the computation power and expertise they need to develop and build machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Applications: Augmented reality facial hair styling challenge

    P&G, international manufacturer of Gillette and Braun brands, is looking for a partner to provide a realistic solution to help men make an informed choice as to which facial hair style is right for them and then help them achieve the desired style at home by giving easy to follow, real time guidance on the best hair removal steps and techniques to achieve the chosen style.
    Applications are closed

    Call for Applications: Spark.me Startup Competition

    Spark.me Startup Competition offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the winning team to present their idea in a TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 Startup Alley, where “over 1,200 pre-series A startups and sponsors across all verticals will be showcasing their latest tech products, platforms, and services“.
    Applications are closed

    Towards Smart Agriculture using FIWARE Enablers

    In this work is presented some preliminary results regarding the modules related to IoT, event processing, situational awareness and data harmonization that are being researched in the scope of vf-OS to achieve holistic solution for industries, specifically targeting the agriculture domain.

    Disease Detection in Tree Leaves and Fruits using Image Processing Techniques

    In this paper, we detect the tree leaves and fruits disease using image processing techniques. In this paper apple, grapes and pomegranate disease are detected. The apple diseases are apple scab, apple rot, Marssonina leaf blotch, black rot canker, apple mosaic. The grape diseases are black rot, powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, and rust. The pomegranate diseases are bacterial blight, aspergillus fruit rot, anthracnose, cercospora fruit spot, cescospora leaf spot.

    Call for Applications: Startup World Cup 2019

    Startup World Cup ("SWC") offers innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for startup ecosystems around the world. This platform consists of a global series of startup conferences and competitions that bring together phenomenal startups, VCs, and world-class tech CEOs.
    Application Deadline in 9 days