Call for applications: Bloomer Accelerator program for FoodTech Startups with Minimum-viable product

With sustainability as a guiding star, our new joint acceleration program “Bloomer” is our first initiative to prove the strength of us all working together, cooperating, and aims to give the tailored nutrition an entrepreneur needs in order for their solutions and business to bloom.
Applications are closed
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Each Bloomer is unique and one is not like the other, however, to be eligible for our Bloomer Accelerator program, all applicants need to share these traits:
  • You are a Foodtech startup, or another tech startup, with a digital/technical solution relevant for the food system.
  • Your company should have a positive sustainability impact mission at your core business
  • You should have reached an MVP or early PoC stage in your development
  • The solution you are working on should be applicable to the Swedish market
  • The solution should be feasible to pilot through Coop in Sweden, at some point
Areas of Interest
  • Circular economy and zero waste solutions,
  • Sustainable personalized nutrition solutions,
  • GHG minimizing solution,
  • Last mile solutions,
  • Soil to table traceability solutions and
  • Edutainment solutions
You will receive unique access to Coop’s data, customers, market insights, industry experts– all tailored to your needs. You will also be able to conduct live piloting of your solutions on the market. Pilots will be spread throughout the program as well as during the soft continuation period from Midsummer throughout September. In case you want and need more time, there will be opportunities to pilot your solution even after the program has ended.
Tailor the acceleration program yourself! It will consist of the common foundation aka “the Frame”, as well as “free to choose” educational “Puzzle pieces” that you can pickand mix, like in a candy store. “The Frame” we are convinced are relevant for all of you, while the relevance of the “Puzzle pieces” will depend on your solution and experience.These pieces could be either deep dives on previous topics from “the Frame” or other specifics topics that you want to become better at. See further description of the Curriculum below.
Wide variety of handpicked mentors – from best in class general and foodtech mentors, to field experts, to professors, to impact hero entrepreneurs to senior managers from Coop –your future best friends. All mentors will give tailored support and open doors to their wide network. You will collaborate will several mentors and to a varying extent during the program. Our goal is to create highly valuable and deeply meaningful relationships between you and the mentors that will last long after the program has ended
You will become a member of Norrsken House and thereby get the best office space in Stockholm as well as invitations to inspiring events and sessions. Norrsken House gathers over 425 entrepreneurs solving some of the biggest challenges of our time, sitting together in a 2400 m2 creative cluster (to grow bigger in 2020). You will also become part of Sweden Foodtech’s impact ecosystem helping you reach your full potential through their global industry network. Of course you will also of course get to ride the green big slide at the Coop Headquarter and tap into the global cooperative movement with sustainability at its core.
We will not require equity from you for participating in the program. Although if you need money, for example to live in Stockholm, going abroad on various road shows or just for general business building, you can receive 250k SEK against equity (how much depends on each company’s valuation). Larger investments will also be available through Coop’s owners, whom are very keen to invest long-term in these kinds of companies with sustainability at its core. We will also introduce you to other great impact focused investors within our wide networks.
Application deadline: February 14, 2020
Source: Bloomer 

Mushroom Cultivation at urban farm Plant Chicago  (credits: Plant Chicago / Flickr Creative Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

Illustration Photo: Mushroom Cultivation at urban farm Plant Chicago (credits: Plant Chicago / Flickr Creative Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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