Call for Applications: UNICEF Funding Opportunity for Blockchain Start-ups

The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to make $50-100K equity-free investments to provide early stage (seed) finance to for-profit technology start-ups that have the potential to benefit humanity.
Application Deadline in 16 days
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The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to make $50-100K equity-free investments to provide early stage (seed) finance to for-profit technology start-ups that have the potential to benefit humanity.

If you’ve got a start-up registered in one of UNICEF’s programme countries and have a working, open source prototype (or you are willing to make it open-source) showing promising results, the UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking for you.

Who we’re looking for:

We are currently looking to invest in a group of companies developing software solutions on open blockchains. Examples of these include, but are not limited to:


  • Exploring how crypto tokens work to incentivize or support behaviour that benefits humanity (community tokens, reward systems, token economic models)
  • Utilizing digital scarcity, non-fungible tokens, or digital collectibles for social good (tracking of physical assets, digital credentials, etc.)

User Experience

  • Creating a more user-friendly experience for onboarding new users, in multiple languages, and accessible (ex. low literacy)
  • Offering various custodianship models to manage keys, considering infrastructure considerations such as low connectivity, lack of smartphones, etc.


  • Reducing the cost, and increasing the speed of transactions to enable a larger group of participants in the ecosystem
  • Exploring the interoperability of tokens across various blockchain platforms to enable independent communities to come together to leverage their collective market power
  • Establishing global marketplaces for tokens to be exchanged at any given time from any given location


  • Using smart contracts to replicate and improve on existing organizational mechanisms
  • Enabling efficiencies, transparency, and accountability in contractual engagements (i.e. multi-sig contracts that guarantee certain actors were involved)
  • Applying various on-chain / off-chain governance solutions (e.g. validating users before they join DAOs, managing the custodianship of funds)

Low Fidelity Cryptography

  • Building solutions for low infrastructure areas, such as low/no connectivity, intermittent/lack of electricity, no mobile phones, etc.

Hardware Solutions

  • Developing low-cost hardware solutions that are easily able to interact with blockchains, e.g. creating wallets, storing private keys, sending transactions
  • Enabling a broader group to easily set up blockchain infrastructure, e.g. setting up full nodes


And + Our funding is not necessarily limited to the above. We are interested in companies that use distributed ledger tech in new, groundbreaking, ways that are scalable and globally applicable. If you are aligned with our general criteria, we want to hear from you.

Deadline for submission: Ongoing

Source: UNICEF Innovation Fund

Illustration Photo: Cryptocurrency (Image by CryptoTraveler from Pixabay)

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