Call for applications: Better Cotton Innovation Challenge

The Better Cotton Innovation Challenge is looking for cutting-edge, innovative, and high-risk solutions that can transform the way cotton is produced in the world today.
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Join the Better Cotton Innovation Challenge to impact more th​an 2 million cotton farmers, the environment and the sector.

Share your innovative solutions on one of the two opportunity areas

CHALLENGE 1: Customized Learning for Farmers
How might we better enable customized learning for farmers for continuous improvement?
Accounting for their unique needs and variances in farm-holding size, previous experiences, skills, and attitudes.
Your solution can address farmer segmentation, training content, content delivery channels, staggered delivery by farmer journey, through innovations such as personalized training tools and coaching, democratized content creation, remote video-based engagement, voice / speech-based learning technologies and many others
A customised learning tool for that keeps existing incentives in place and works for all farmers and facilitators under an annualized cost of < USD 4 per farmer
CHALLENGE 2: Efficiency of Data Collection and Documentation
How might we increase the efficiency of data collection and documentation to ensure the cotton is produced sustainably?
Accounting for the extensive data points that BCI Field Facilitators collect for 400-500 farmers each with multiple and repetitive touch points.
Your solution can address a sub-set of indicators or all indicators through technology advancements such as AI, Satellite augmented data capture. It can involve manual self-reporting by farmers using technology, such as IVRS or improve manual collection by field facilitators such as through route optimization
Your innovation should be a verifiable data-capture system that reduces the cost and time of collection and documentation within prescribed data indicators. It must be accessible to field facilitators and farmers and in a format verifiable by 2nd / 3rd party evaluators. Solution should not require a more advanced skillset from Field Facilitators than is locally available and should take into account limited skillset / literacy levels of smallholder farmers
Academicians, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Technology experts
Application Deadline: January 15, 2020

Source: The Better Cotton Innovation Challenge

Spraying Drone flying over a cotton field (Image by DJI-Agras from Pixabay)

Illustration Photo: Spraying Drone flying over a cotton field (Image by DJI-Agras from Pixabay)

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