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We want to work with the best startups worldwide, offering our expertise, opening the doors of our laboratories and guaranteeing the resources required to develop better solutions in a fast way.
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We aim at finding innovative and scalable technological solutions with the potential to bring radical change to the energy sector and we want to do this with the best startups.

Through our Innovation Hub you have the possibility to learn more on Enel technological challenges and on how we can help your company to scale up.

We currently have a particular interest in:

  • Structural Health Monitoring: non-intrusive solutions able to perform analysis of the status of our infrastructures (mainly thermoelectric power plants), monitor infrastructures’ behavior and anomalies and provide alarms and suggestions for actions;
  • Robotics: robots able to perform activities on our power plants. The activities should not be limited to inspections but have to include also operations like welding, extraction and positioning of elements, etc.
  • Storage: We are focused on industrial scale storage technologies. We look for solutions able to reduce the costs of storage solutions and we are willing to identify BMS for increasing system lifetime and reliability, solutions for second life of the batteries and disposal and advance diagnostic solutions;
  • Safety: in order to improve the safety of our employees, especially those employed in power plants or construction sites, we are looking for technologies able to monitor and understand people’s behavior, based on the data collected, provide alarms whether the employee is having a risky behaviour
  • Removal of Oil Leaks from Transformers: Transformers containing oil are subject to leaks that must be contained to reduce impact on the environment. Special containments are needed to avoid any potential impact on the environment. For energy frauds or other reasons the container may be tampered. It’s needed a solution that allows to collect the oil leaks in a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and economical way.
  • Cable Derivation Identification: The issue is related to the need of locating where an electric derivation/branch, In LV distribution network cables, is in place. To support both O&M and NCO inspections processes a fine accuracy is needed with the goal to find where the derivation/branch is located.

In addition to the specific challenges, we continuously look for solutions related to all the technological areas of Enel:

  • Renewable Energies: we manage more than 42 GW through 1.200 power plants and to be leader in the renewable energies we are looking for solutions able to improve performances of our solar, wind, hydro, marine and geothermal power plants, to improve digitalization, safety and circularity. Moreover, we are looking for innovative storage technologies and solutions able to improve performances of batteries.
  • Enel X: the mission on Enel X is to provide innovative technological solutions to help business, cities and people to create new value. To do so we are looking for solutions that enable us to offer energy related services to our large-scale customers, integrated services and connectivity solutions to public administration, services to residential customer and payment methods, financial solutions and value added services to our customer base. Moreover we want to promote electric mobility through charging infrastructures and vehicle to grid services.
  • Thermoelectric Generation: in the management of our power plants we prioritize operational efficiency, the digitalization and the maximization of environmental performances. This is why we are looking for solutions able to optimize our power equipment, increase the operations through robots and AI, allow us a better management of water and increase the safety of our workers.
  • Network and Grids: as we have 2.2 million km of network under management, the grid represent a really important asset for us. We are then looking for solutions able to improve operation, maintenance and monitoring of it and to help us in the creation of a digital twin of our network.
  • Digital Solutions: digitalization is one of the key pillars of Enel’s strategy and to enhance it we look for solutions able to make our business, our plants and our operations even more digital. Having also large amounts of data, we look for ideas to valorize and manage them and to improve our trading activities.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Source: ENEL

Illustration Photo: A small aerial remote control device flies in front of Western's Ault-to-Craig 345-kilovolt transmission line outside Ault Substation in Colorado, Aug. 6, 2014. The equipment has flown as close as two feet to energized lines without impact. (credits: Lisa Meiman / Western Area Power / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

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