Black Pellets Industry 2019 Global Market Size, Outlook, Demand, Key Manufacturers and 2025 Forecast

A recent market report published on the “Black Pellets Industry” presents an in-depth overview of the Black Pellets industry. Global Black Pellets market research report covers the overview, summary, Black Pellets market dynamics, competitive analysis, and leading player’s various strategies to sustain in the global market. Apart from this, the Black Pellets report also covers detail information about various clients which is the most significant element for the manufacturers.
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BabyNes Industry 2019 Market Size, Growth, Share, Trends, Global Statistics and Forecast Analysis 2025

The latest research report entitled Global BabyNes Market 2019 provides a detailed and complete global coverage of BabyNes Industry analysis from 2019 to 2025. The BabyNes report begins with the overview of BabyNes Industry growth, share, current situation, trend, size, and classification of the BabyNes Industry on the basis of BabyNes Market top players, key regions, and type.
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Truffle Oil Market 2019 Industry Trends, Share, Growth, Size, Segments, Demand, Overview and Forecast to 2025

Truffle Oil Market Report cover detailed competitive outlook including the Truffle Oil Industry share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. The Truffle Oil market report provides an in-depth overview of Product Specification, technology, product type and production analysis considering major factors such as Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Market is anticipated to hit $6.7 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.42%

LSZH cables stand for Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables. Low smoke zero halogen describes a cable jacket material that is non-halogenated and flame retardant.

Exciting Possibilities in the Mexico Stand-Up Pouches Market & Their Potential

The Mexico Stand-up pouches Market is valued to at $124.1 million in 2017 and is further anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period 2018-2023

ADB, Ascent Capital's Equity Investment Deal to Provide Growth Capital to Private Enterprises in Myanmar

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed an agreement on 21 December 2018 to provide a $10 million equity investment to Ascent Myanmar Growth Fund I LP (AMGF), a Myanmar-focused private equity fund, to provide much-needed capital investment for the growth and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the Southeast Asian country.

African Development Bank to raise over US$7 billion from capital markets for investment in African economies in 2019

The African Development Bank continues to build its profile in the capital markets for cost-effective resources to finance projects and programs in Regional Member Countries.

Anglophone West Africa’s brightening economic prospects

The economic forecast for Anglophone West Africa is looking brighter according to analysis by Ecobank’s research team in the newly published Anglophone West Africa section of its flagship financial website, Africa FICC. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is at last moving out of recession, Ghana’s growth continues to be strong, and the region’s smaller countries are picking up as they shake off the lingering effects of the Ebola outbreak in 2013-16.
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Call for Applications: GovHack on Economy & Society for the cities of Jakarta and London

Startups applying to this challenge should be utilizing big data applications and predictions to help improve decision making and analytics and help improve human wellbeing.
Applications are closed
a year ago

The Sahel Alliance Announces the Implementation of Over 500 Projects for a Total Amount of EUR 6 billion

The Sahel Alliance will take action in six priority sectors: youth employment, rural development and food security, energy and climate, governance, decentralization and access to basic services, and security.
a year ago

Commodity-dependent developing countries need to boost efforts to diversify their economies

According to the report, policies that can promote inclusive growth over the next 15 years include economic diversification, expanding the linkages between the commodity sector and the national economy, adopting countercyclical expenditure policies which build commodity revenue buffers during price upswings to use them during downswings, adding value to raw commodities, and investing in social protection, health and education.
a year ago

UN forum in Bahrain Call for the Integration of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Development

A United Nations forum on sustainable development concluded today in Bahrain with a strong call for the integration of entrepreneurship and innovation in all economic and social dimensions as key strategies to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.
a year ago

China will spend 720 billion USD on Infrastructure from 2016-2018

China's infrastructure spending plan is not comparable to the 2008 stimulus, a J.P.Morgan economist claims. The Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission has announced that 4.7 trillion yuan ($720 billion) will be spent on infrastructure from 2016-2018, covering 303 projects.
3 years ago

New World Bank Group Facility to Enable more than $1 billion for Women Entrepreneurship

The World Bank Group today announced the creation of an innovative new facility that aims to enable more than $1 billion to advance women’s entrepreneurship and help women in developing countries gain increased access to the finance, markets, and networks necessary to start and grow a business.
2 years ago

Nigeria's naira: moving to a flexible exchange rate

Policy-makers should focus on freely floating the naira, if reserve depletion is to be stemmed and the new regime is to gain credibility and catalyse inward investment.
3 years ago

German Government unveils Marshall Plan for Africa with Focus on Entrepreneurship, Private Sector, Renewable Energy and Green Growth

The blueprint proposes a "new level" of equal cooperation between Africa and western countries in areas such as education, trade, business development and energy. It also calls for better and more equitable market access for African exports, an end to illicit financial flows from Africa and tax evasion by multinational companies.
2 years ago

Indonesia needs Strategy to develop its Financial Market, Minister of Finance

Together with Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority, the government considers the importance of this synergy, one of which is realized by coordination between these institutions. From the data, the Indonesia's financial market is still relatively low compared to neighboring countries.
3 years ago

AfDB and Japan Announce US$3 Billion Private Sector Development Initiative to Boost Growth and Reduce Poverty in Africa

Japan will target to provide US$ 1.5 billion over 3 years through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The AfDB expects to finance at least an equal amount. On top of this, Japan is ready to provide an additional special allocation of US$ 300 million for co-financing with the AfDB to help African countries access the best low emitting clean coal technologies available.
3 years ago

AfDB approves US $90-million financial package to boost Commercial Bank of Africa’s funding of SMEs in Kenya and grow Trade Finance in Africa

This intervention will contribute to CBA’s efforts to broaden access to its services, thereby reducing financing constraints faced by SMEs and local corporates in Kenya whilst also reducing Africa’s trade financing gap. The package will promote private sector development as well as support broad-based economic growth.
2 years ago

The Unexplored Potential of Trade in Services in Africa

Novel data collection methods such as crowdsourcing and mystery shopping, pioneering knowledge transfer practices and experiences with innovative policy reforms applied to both modern and traditional services sectors are explored to draw attention to available assessment tools and policy instruments for possible refinement and broader application across sectors.
2 years ago

Startups in India - Growth, Challenges and Opportunities

India has grown by leaps and bounds, registered tremendous growth and achieved a global power status, which is miraculous considering the fact that we are a democracy with a large population. And being a country of 1.2 Billion brings with it tremendous opportunities and we are at the cusp of creating global history with the renewed enthusiasm of our young population that is taking on the challenge of our own system, the prowess of world's innovation centers, the limited resources and our traditional low risk culture.
3 years ago

Economic Development in Africa Report 2016

This report analyses Africa’s international debt exposure and how domestic debt is increasingly playing a role in some African countries as a development finance option. It also examines complementary financing options and how they relate to debt.
2 years ago

ADB Approves $631 million in loans and grants to Build India’s First Coastal Industrial Corridor

The Indian government is keen to encourage manufacturing, including through its “Make in India” initiative, to maintain strong economic growth over the longer term and to create productive, well-paying jobs for a labor force that is growing by around 12 million people per year. Currently, manufacturing provides around 15% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and around 12% in Andhra Pradesh where the new corridor will be developed. India’s National Manufacturing Policy is targeting manufacturing contributing at least 25% of GDP by 2022, much the same as in the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia, and Viet Nam now.
3 years ago

The Technology sector has overtaken the Financial sector in PwC’s Global Top 100

Apple retains pole position for the 6th year in a row, and this year again clearly pulled ahead of the second ranked Alphabet, managing to double the valuation gap to $175bn from $86bn last year. Alphabet briefly dethroned Apple in February 2016. It is particularly remarkable as Apple also returned more cash to shareholders, with another $29bn handed back to investors in dividends and share repurchases in calendar year 2016 ($42bn was distributed in calendar 2015). Alphabet only returned $4bn in 2016.
2 years ago

China’s Economic Transition set to Boost Asian Integration despite Slower Trade Growth

The report said that China's future industrial upgrade through innovation will enhance its position in the global value chain as rising production costs and labor costs in the country may weaken its position as the 'world's factory.'
3 years ago

Industrial Commodity Prices to Rise in 2017: World Bank

Prices for non-energy commodities, which include agriculture, fertilizers, and metals and minerals, are forecast to increase in 2017, the first rise in five years. Metals prices are projected to jump 16 percent this year due to strong demand, especially from China, and supply constraints, including mine disruptions in Chile, Indonesia and Peru.
2 years ago

Panama forecasts Latin America's Highest Economic Growth rate for 2017

Panama's Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that it projects the country's economic growth for 2017 at 5.8%, the highest rate among all Latin American economies, thanks to strong performance in a variety of sectors including construction, mining, finance, and public services, as well as public infrastructure and energy generation.
2 years ago

The Africa Competitiveness Report 2017 : Addressing Africa’s Demographic Dividend

The report finds that the ability of Africa’s economies to generate enough jobs for its young and growing population rests on the successful implementation of urgent structural reforms to boost productivity. Competitiveness is defined as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity, and hence future prosperity, of a country.
2 years ago

AfDB approves €5 million Equity Investment to support Small Businesses in sub-Saharan Africa

IPDEV.2 plans to launch 10 investment funds in selected Low Income Countries through which it will provide equity, quasi equity and debt to more than 500 SGBs with investment needs ranging from € 30,000 and € 300,000 over the next decade translating to 15 000 jobs to be created of which 30% will be for women. IPDEV.2 is a 3rd generation investment company which provides financial and technical assistance to SGBs which cannot access classic lenders as they are seen to be too risky despite being great drivers of development and inclusive growth.
2 years ago

Most promising Growth Industries for Entrepreneurs looking to start a Successful Small Business, SCORE Infographic

SCORE, the nation's largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, has gathered statistics which identify today's most promising growth industries for entrepreneurs looking to start a successful small business.
3 years ago

United ASEAN Economy to Power Regional Trade and New Growth Opportunities

Digitalization, automation in manufacturing, and major integration efforts by the Greater Mekong sub-region and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) are driving economic and social transformation. Once AEC is fully implemented, economic growth will be boosted by removing trade barriers and enabling the free flow of goods, talent and capital among the ASEAN nations.
2 years ago

Solid Growth Expected for Lao PDR in 2017 and 2018 - ADB

The services sector posted strong growth of 9.0%, supported by the expansion of wholesale and retail trading, hotels and restaurants, financial services, and telecommunications. Industry maintained sturdy growth at 8.0%, though mining output declined slightly. This sector was boosted by higher output of electricity generation, especially from Hongsa Lignite Power Plant, and development of residential and commercial buildings.
2 years ago

R&D Tax Incentives for Innovation and Managerial Decisions (in Poland)

Tax incentives in science, research and development are important in stimulating innovation. The purpose of this article is to show the level of managerial awareness about R&D tax incentives, the level of R&D tax incentive usage by companies in Poland, and main obstacles that managers meet with R&D tax incentives in practice.
3 years ago

Five Strategies to Promote Islamic Finance and Sharia Economy in Indonesia

The outlook for Islamic finance and the sharia economy is promising. Furthermore, the opportunity for growth in Indonesia is enormous considering the country's standing as the most populous Muslim country in the world. Macroeconomic conditions have also improved despite global economic headwinds.
3 years ago

Africa needs Quality Infrastructure for Sustained Economic Growth and Inclusiveness

Building in concepts of quality throughout the project life cycle, from feasibility planning and design to operation and maintenance was cited “as a key element in providing economically efficient and socially inclusive infrastructure.”
2 years ago

The Rise of the Middle Class and Economic Growth in ASEAN

The impact of the rise of the middle class on economic growth depends on the countries' initial level of gross domestic product per capita. In the majority of these countries, a rise of the middle class that is unrelated to gross domestic product per capita growth would have had a significant negative effect on economic growth, based on the values of the countries' gross domestic product per capita in 1970.
2 years ago

India eyes 2 million jobs and half a billion dollars in Mobile Manufacturing

The phased manufacturing roadmap has been prepared keeping in view the ‘state of play of the design/manufacturing ecosystem in the country, wherein through appropriate fiscal and financial incentives, indigenous manufacturing of mobile handsets and various sub-assemblies that go into their manufacturing shall be promoted over a period of time.’
2 years ago

Strong domestic demand drives imports growth in the Philippines in February 2016

China remained as the country’s top source of imports accounting for 16.7 percent of our total payments during the period. Japan came second with 12.6 percent share, followed by the United States with 9.5 percent.
3 years ago

Factors Affecting Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from an Emerging Market (Turkey)

In the paper, competitiveness is proxied by a firm’s financial performance. The empirical analysis is based on firms listed on Borsa Istanbul and covers the period between 2005 and 2014. Results from a firm-level panel data model indicate that return on assets is positively related to firm size, international sales, liquidity and growth, and negatively related to leverage and R&D expenditures.
3 years ago

Global transport infrastructure investment predicted to reach unprecedented levels

Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to have the fastest average annual growth rate of over 11%, while Asia-Pacific remains by far the largest transport infrastructure market, with investments increasing from $557bn to nearly $900bn over the forecast period. However, transport infrastructure investment levels in Western Europe are expected to take a long time to recover due to continual fiscal austerity – returning only to 2008 levels in 2022.
3 years ago

95 Percent of Entrepreneurs Worldwide Finance Their Own Startups

The impact of informal investment on entrepreneurship is immense. Since 2012, an average of six percent of the global adult population have provided informal investment to an entrepreneur per year, totaling over $1 trillion between 2012 and 2015. This is an increase since the 2006 GEM report on financing, which calculated that four percent had provided informal investment, totaling $600 billion.
3 years ago

Economic Growth, Financial Development and Trade Openness in Nigeria: An application of the ARDL bound testing approach

Our results show that a two-way cointegration exists between economic growth and financial development, on the one hand, as well as between economic growth and trade openness, on the other hand. We therefore recommend that in order to achieve economic growth, policy-makers should pursue strong financial development and increase trade openness.
2 years ago

ADB, JICA Establish $1.5 Billion Fund to Invest in Private Infrastructure with a strong focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has entered into an agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to establish a new fund to support private infrastructure investments across Asia and the Pacific. The fund, Leading Asia’s Private Infrastructure, or LEAP, will be capitalized by $1.5 billion in equity from JICA, and will be managed by ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department.
3 years ago

Indian Government takes various measures to raise India’s ranking in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ to top 50 in the world

Government of India in its efforts to improve the business climate of the country and also improve country’s ranking in the World Bank’s report on Ease of Doing Business; held a meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of the Union Finance Minister Shri. Arun Jaitley.
2 years ago

China's potential Economic Growth rate estimated at 6.5-6.6% for the next 5 years

Innovation-driven development should be the core of China's new growth impetus, said Liu, adding that private investment in equipment, modern agriculture, upgraded manufacturing and high-quality opening-up will all be major sources of new growth impetus.
3 years ago

ADB Loan to Support Cambodia's Financial Sector, Boost Financial Inclusion

Cambodia’s impressive economic growth over the past several years has pushed poverty levels from 47.8% in 2007 to 13.5% in 2014. Still, many people are vulnerable to poverty, particularly those in rural areas where 90% of poor people live — and the 41% of the population living on $2 a day or less. The financial sector should be further developed, with only 59% of the population having access to formal finance, and about 30% of the adult population excluded from any form of financial services.
2 years ago

Nigeria will focus on 4 key industries: Agriculture, Power, Manufacturing and Housing

President Muhammadu Buhari made suggestions on achieving self-sufficiency in food production, increasing power output to the national grid, boosting manufacturing and increasing housing stock, said to be short of 16 million units. President Buhari said his government is working towards increasing the power production to 10,000 megawatts before the end of its tenure.
3 years ago

Myanmar’s Economy is expected to grow 8.4 percent in 2016 and early 2017, the highest rate in Asia and the Pacific

Garment exports increasing by 28 percent to $2 billion. Natural gas exports slightly increased as well. Tourism was also a major driver of the economy with 4.7 million arrivals in 2015 with about 70% of visitors entering overland from neighboring countries. Spending by tourists rose by 19% to $2.1 billion in 2015.
3 years ago

Repatriation of Indonesian money from overseas to Boost Indonesia’s Growth, President

Indonesian President Joko Widodo concerns more on repatriation, since it could increase liquidity in the country, where Indonesian offshore accounts could bring the money back to Indonesia. The Minister of Finance says that the President considers repatriation as an important matter, because better liquidity in the economy will encourage the growth of Indonesia.
3 years ago

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