Sharing data and experience to benefit sustainable dairy farming

For the 4D4F farming network, the sharing of tech know-how has already resulted in improved welfare and profitability, with potential to increase feed efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cool roofs with high solar reflectance for the welfare of dairy farming animals

Ensuring livestock welfare in dairy farming promotes the production capacity of the animals in terms of both quantity and quality. In welfare conditions, the animals can produce at their full potential.

New MOLOKO Biosensor can scan dairy milk for contaminants and proteins in 5 minutes

Lower costs, less wastage and higher-quality milk on the horizon for dairy farmers, thanks to a new optical sensor that scans for contaminants and proteins in 5 minutes.

Application Progress of Agricultural Internet of Things in Major Countries

Agriculture is the important application field of the agricultural Internet of Things. With the development of information technology and computer network technology, IoT (Internet of Things) has entered various fields such as agricultural production, management, management, service and so on.

More accurate estimates of methane emissions from dairy cattle developed

Having more robust and accurate models for predicting enteric methane emissions from livestock is important, Hristov pointed out, because these emissions represent a significant portion of global greenhouse gases blamed for causing climate change.
a year ago

A Values-Based Approach to Exploring Synergies between Livestock Farming and Landscape Conservation in Galicia (Spain)

This study explores the values of dairy and beef cattle farmers, the assumptions that underpin them, and the various ways that these lead farmers to combine food production with the provision of other ecosystem services, such as landscape conservation and biodiversity preservation. This paper draws on empirical research from Galicia (Spain), a marginal and mountainous European region whose livestock production system has undergone modernization in recent decades, exposing strategic economic, social and ecological vulnerabilities.
a year ago

Impact of precision livestock farming on work and human- animal interactions on dairy farms. A review

Precision livestock farming can have a positive impact on dairy farmers’ work and can be attractive for young people. However, if the tools are not adapted to farmers’ needs and skills, PLF can also lead to negative impacts on farmers and animals.
a year ago

Energy and Carbon Impact of Precision Livestock Farming Technologies Implementation in the Milk Chain: From Dairy Farm to Cheese Factory

In this study, the application of advance technologies in milking parlors modified not only the on-farm management but mainly the procedure carried out in cheese making plant.
a year ago

An Analytical Study on the Export Performance of Dairy Industry in India

This paper tries to examine the issues regarding ‘Export Performance of Dairy Industry of India’: Trends, Challenges and suggestions for improving the trade situation.
2 years ago

Lipases Industrial Applications: Focus on Food and Agroindustries

The major applications for industrial enzymes include food and beverages (dairy, bakery, fruit juices, beer, wine), detergents, biofuel productions, animal feed, and other applications such as textiles, leather, and paper processing.
2 years ago

Breakthrough Technologies Enable Food Safety in the Dairy Industry

The advent of novel technologies in the fields of life science development, advanced material design, microelectronics and nanotechnology, advanced thermodynamics, food engineering and processing, and Internet of Things (IoT) innovations are converging through food safety testing applications and smart food safety management. This constitutes a unique opportunity for companies to embrace new food safety solutions.
2 years ago

OECD and FAO see Slower Growth in Demand keeping World Food Prices Low

Global food commodity prices are projected to remain low over the next decade compared to previous peaks, as demand growth in a number of emerging economies is expected to slow down and biofuel policies have a diminished impact on markets, according to the latest 10-year agricultural outlook published today by the OECD and FAO.
2 years ago

Canada advanced an Innovative and Competitive Dairy Sector

The two programs are: the five-year, $250 million Dairy Farm Investment Program and the four-year, $100 million Dairy Processing Investment Fund. For dairy producers, the new program will enable investments such as robotic and other automated systems that improve farm productivity. Similarly, for dairy processors, the new program will support investments in equipment and infrastructure, or provide access to specialized expertise to introduce new products or processes.
2 years ago

Circular Economy: Livestock farmers introduce Renewable Energy plants on their Farms to maximize the potential

Copa and Cogeca organized a press trip this month on livestock farmer Daniel Coulonval holding where a renewable energy plant has been developed on the farm to produce electricity for 350 households using manure from the cattle.
2 years ago

Qatar Airways Cargo Transports 4,000 Cows To Support The State Of Qatar’s Dairy Demand

Qatar Airways Cargo announced that it has transported the country’s first two shipments of 330 Holstein cows from Europe on a Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777 freighter. These initial shipments are part of a 4,000-head herd that marks the launch of a completely new industry for the State of Qatar.
2 years ago

Climate-Smart Livestock Systems: An Assessment of Carbon Stocks and GHG Emissions in Nicaragua

Livestock systems in the tropics can contribute to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing carbon accumulation. We quantified C stocks and GHG emissions of 30 dual-purpose cattle farms in Nicaragua using farm inventories and lifecycle analysis.
2 years ago

Dairy Farmers to benefit from Satellite Data used to Monitor and Predict Pasture Productivity and Quality

Rezatec, in conjunction with the University of Reading, is delivering its PASQUAL (“Monitoring and prediction of PASture QUALity and productivity from satellites”) project to develop an Earth Observation satellite based pasture farming intelligence tool. Through the analysis of multiple remote sensing satellite data sources (visible and radar) and meteorological data, in combination with the University of Reading’s detailed modelling and data-assimilation techniques, the tool will enable dairy farmers to monitor and predict pasture productivity and quality.
2 years ago

Dairy Production and Trade in Thailand

In recent year, Thailand has increased demand for meat, milk and milk products. Despite great increases in local milk production, the accelerating demand for dairy products still exceeds the available local supply.
2 years ago

Allied Market Research forecast the Global Organic Dairy Food and Drinks Market to Reach $36,729 Million by 2022

Based on type, organic milk dominated the market in 2015 with more than half of the total share by volume. Increase in health awareness coupled with nutritional benefits helps the market to generate considerable pace and the dominating type is projected to make headway by projecting a CAGR of 14.10% in the near future.
2 years ago

CNH Industrial at the forefront of the Internet of Things in Agri-Food

The project will focus on 19 use cases throughout Europe and will seek to provide solutions for five agri-food areas: arable farming, dairy, meat, vegetables and fruits by taking into account their specific requirements and challenges. The IoT technologies will be evaluated, as well as their societal impact to better understand the adoption of such technologies.
2 years ago

Net-Energy Analysis of Integrated Food and Bioenergy Systems Exemplified by a Model of a Self-Sufficient System of Dairy Farms

The aim of this paper is to investigate whether organic agriculture is capable of providing both food and surplus energy to the society as evaluated from a model study. We evaluated bioenergy technologies in a Danish dairy-farming context in four different scenarios
2 years ago

Precision Dairy Farming: The Next Dairy Marvel

Precision Livestock Farming is the principal means by which sensors will be used in livestock farming. Unlike traditional mechanization, which depended on large equipment applied to large production units, “precision dairy management” uses sensor-based management tools that define animal needs and automatically delivers individual management applications.
2 years ago

By unlocking Carbon Credit Markets, New tool looks to Boost Financing for Smallholder Farms, Green the Livestock Sector

The dairy sector will soon be able to participate in international carbon credit markets thanks to a new methodology that lets farmers and project designers reliably document how they are reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions - a step that will open up new sources of finance for the livestock industry and help promote investment in smallholder operations.
2 years ago

Production of Bovine Meat in Vietnam – Opportunities for Exporting Thai Livestock

With the increased demand for meat of bovine animals (beef and buffalo meat), Vietnamese producers need to be more strategic in their plans in order to be proficient to supply local demand. They also need to compete with foreign imports.
2 years ago

Immense Opportunity in China's Dairy sector but the sector can thrive only once it has been Streamlined and Modernized

China's cow milk production grew at a fast rate from 2000-2007 but dropped sharply in 2008 due to the melamine scandal where a chemical was added to milk to artificially increase the protein content. Since 2008 milk production in China has been increasing at a moderate rate.
2 years ago

Survey Results on the Cluster of Livestock Industries (in Japan)

Japan’s livestock industries, especially dairy, beef and pork industries, are expected to be seriously damaged after the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement comes into effect, because trade boarder measures for them will be abolished or significantly reduced.
3 years ago

Conventional and Organic foods: A comparison focused on Animal Products

The term “organic” denotes a product of a food production system that is socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable. The organic food market is growing in response to an ever increasing demand for organic products.
3 years ago

Milk production and Economic Assessment of Cassava Bagasse in the feed of Dairy Cows

Crude protein, the only milk component that changed, increased linearly with the inclusion of cassava bagasse levels. Treatment with 15% cassava bagasse caused a more effective operational cost (42.8% higher when compared to control) and the highest leveling point for milk production and price.
3 years ago

Energy Efficient way of Processing Waste of Milk Production

The result of the study is the development of a process with biogas production by using anaerobic Biomar reactor. Scale of laboratory installation has been conducted based on laboratory studies.
3 years ago

Recoupling crops and livestock offers energy savings to Northeast dairy farmers By Kristen Devlin / Penn State

Using farm-scale equipment and manure from a neighboring dairy farm, the researchers grew feed grains -- corn and soybean -- and forage crops -- alfalfa, corn silage, rye silage, red clover and rye -- on 12 acres, one 20th the scale of a 240-acre farm.
3 years ago

Growth expected in Thai Food Product Exports to CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam)

For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs looking to export their goods to the neighboring countries, the institute suggested them to begin by experimenting with smaller markets along the borders before penetrating larger ones in major cities.
3 years ago

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