India received 3,217 Million US$ as Foreign Direct Investment in Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy projects are mostly being implemented in the private sector. As on 30-11- 2018, a total capacity of around 73.95 GW has been installed in the country of which 37.84 GW has been added during the last four and half year.

Invest in the Cassava Processing in Nigeria

The cultivation of the improved cassava varieties by farmers in Nigeria has enhanced the position of Nigeria as the world-leading producer of cassava with production output of 45 million MT of fresh cassava root in 2014. However due to the lack of modern logistic, infrastructure and technology only about 30% of fresh cassava root are processed into finished products which are mainly cassava flour and cassava starch. Therefore, we oversee an opportunity for foreign investment in the cassava industry in Nigeria.
4 months ago

Increasing investment in Australian AgTech pivotal to our economic success: report

A new report released today by the United States Studies Centre – the first of its kind –analyses the volume, value, and makeup of AgTech investment in Australia.

India aims to Scale up Food Processing Sector by Tenfold in Next Five Years

A quantum jump in the size and growth of food processing sector is needed which would be in sync with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income and creating a New India by 2022, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said. For this, the aim should be to propel the sector by more than ten times in the next five years.
a year ago

Investment Opportunities in the Digital Industry and Startups in Thailand

Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) recently introduced Thailand Investment Review presents BOI Net Application, Thailand 4.0 story displays an economic model aimed at attracting and supporting innovative, high-tech companies.
a year ago

Thailand Emerges As New Production Hub For Electric Vehicles

Thailand is quickly cementing its status as ASEAN’s leading electric vehicle (EV) hub and main production base after receiving new investments from leading auto manufacturers including BMW, Nissan, and Toyota. This status is further reinforced by the Thai government’s commitment to have 1.2 million electric cars on the roads in Thailand by 2036.
a year ago

Investment in Infrastructure projects in Thailand to reach $43 billion in the next five years

Thailand’s emerging Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is expected to see investment in infrastructure projects reach $43 billion in the next five years, for airport expansion, new railways and cities, port development and spurring modern industry.
2 years ago

Business Meeting in India

We are looking for the meeting with Agro-commodities producers looking for the export markets and Corporate Investors looking to invest in the Southeast Asia or West Africa.
2 years ago

Renewable Energy Prospects for India

The country must mobilise affordable financing and adapt new business models; develop a skilled and knowledgeable workforce; and introduce modern renewables-based technologies into people’s daily cooking, cooling and transportation routines. Achieving this requires annual renewable energy investments worth USD 42 billion over the period to 2030.
2 years ago

Government Incentives to encourage Solar Power development in Vietnam

The Electricity buyers shall have the responsibility to purchase all of the electricity generated from power grid-connected projects at the purchase price of VND 2,086/kWh (excluding value added tax, equivalent to approximately 9.35 US cents/kWh at the current VND/USD exchange rate of VND 22,316/USD announced by the State Bank of Viet Nam on April 10, 2017). Electricity price will be adjusted in line with the VND/USD exchange rate, and only applies only to power grid-connected projects with the cell efficiency above 16 percent or productivity module over 15 percent.
2 years ago

Big business Opportunity in the Philippines' Energy Sector for ASEAN Investors

From 2016 to 2030, 17,300 megawatts is needed to support the Ambisyon 2040 development plan of the government for the Philippines. An additional power of 26,000 MW from 2030 to 2040 or a total of 43,000 MW from 2016 to 2040 is needed to support the infrastructure projects.
2 years ago

ASEAN as an FDI Attractor: How Do Multinationals Look at ASEAN?

To develop its economy, ASEAN member states are expected to further advance the AEC at a high level. Hence, ASEAN must address challenges such as deepening further economic integration and narrowing development gaps in the region. Most importantly, ASEAN still needs to increase the attractiveness of its ‘whole region’ as an essential and integral part of global value chains to draw further FDI.
2 years ago

Government Measures to Promote Foreign Direct Investment in India

Foreign Investment in various sectors bring international best practices and latest technologies leading to economic growth in the country and providing much needed impetus to manufacturing sector and job creation in India. In line with the policy to provide boost to the manufacturing sector and give impetus to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Government has permitted a manufacturer to sell its product through wholesale and/or retail, including through e-commerce under automatic route.
2 years ago

Potential and Investment Opportunities in the Ocean Energy (Wave, Tidal, Current Energy and Ocean Thermal Energy) in India

The objective of the programme is to accelerate and enhance support for the research, development, resource assessment, testing and deployment of ocean energy in the country and to harness it for power generation and to overcome the barriers by encouraging collaboration between the technology developers, investors and other stakeholders so as to bridge the gap between research and the market.
2 years ago

Myanmar to reach 6 billion USD target for Foreign Direct Investment in the 2016

THE MYANMAR Investment Commission is confident of reaching its $6 billion (Bt216 billion) target for foreign direct investment in the 2016 fiscal year to March 31, although the nine-month figure accounts for only slightly half of the target.
2 years ago

Agriculture, Utilities, Food and Beverages The Most Promising Industries for Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Asia and Africa

For a large, middle-income region such as Latin America and the Caribbean, it is not surprising that food and beverages are deemed a promising industry; but the selection of “other manufacturing” by local IPAs, which includes everything from jewelry to medical equipment, indicates that there is a degree of niche specialization in the region.
2 years ago

Investment Opportunities in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries in Myanmar

Myanmar is aiming at attracting responsible local and foreign investors, transforming the mostly traditional agricultural economy of today into a productive and sustainable agro-economy. To achieve this goal, increases in agricultural productivity (e.g. better irrigation, better seeds and techniques) and quality (e.g. seed quality, immediate post-harvest processing) are required.
3 years ago

Business Opportunity of Islamic Fashion and Halal Industry in Indonesia

Cooperation between small and large enterprises can provide value added for Islamic fashion and halal industries. Then this will create an opportunity for Islamic products to participate in developing Indonesia.
3 years ago

Indonesian Minister of Finance expects Indonesia Science Fund (DIPI) to attract Indonesian scientists all over the world

Indonesia invites private sector to be involved in funding research in Indonesia. 'It is because in advanced countries, contribution from private sector and universities is much higher. The government advises private sector to increase their role and contributions in funding research in Indonesia,' he says. According to Minister of Finance, the government is ready to support research in terms of fiscal, such as taxation incentives.
3 years ago

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