EU Call for Proposals: Information and promotion about the sustainable aspect of rice production

The objective is to highlight the sustainable aspect of rice sector. Rice production in Europe has a particular environmental dimension, being at the heart of the preservation of certain wetlands. Rice cultivation is a sensitive and specific practice at European level, since it is produced in areas where there are few crop alternatives. Its preservation and improvement contribute to the sustainability of rice producing regions, by playing an active role in maintaining rural areas, protecting nature and preserving biodiversity. Actions shall highlight the environmental sustainability of the production, stressing its beneficial role for climate action and the environment.
Application Deadline in 22 days

Call for Nominations: 2019 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

Nominations are open for 2019 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards that recognize fundamental contributions in a broad array of areas of scientific knowledge, technology, humanities and artistic creation.
Application Deadline in 3 months

Call for Proposals: Biodiversity conservation and addressing Climate change adaptation in Central and Western African countries

This program’s main objective is to strengthen local NGOs in Central and Western African countries contribute to biodiversity conservation and addressing climate change adaptation by funding local projects.
Application Deadline in 6 days

Call for Projects: “Climate & Biodiversity Initiative” to support research on Climate change and Biodiversity

The aim of this call for projects is to select 6-8 research projects that will increase our understanding about issues related to climate change and biodiversity. The projects will receive financial support from the BNP Paribas Foundation for a three-year period (2020-2022).
Application Deadline in a month

Call for applications: Encouraging Sustainable Solutions around the World

Applicants are invited to apply for SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund to work with purpose and passion on behalf of wildlife and habitats worldwide, encouraging sustainable solutions through support of species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation and conservation education.
Application Deadline in a month

Call for Projects: 2019 KNCF Grant Program - Preserving Biodiversity Projects in the Asia-Pacific Region

The nature of the fund is to provide assistance for nature conservation efforts implemented by NGO/NPO in developing countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region and also provide assistance for nature conservation efforts and sustainable use of nature resources in Japan.
Applications are closed

Nominations Open for MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2018!

The MIDORI Prize honors three individuals who have made outstanding contributions to conservation and sustainable use at local and global levels, and who have influenced and strengthened various biodiversity-related efforts, as well as raised awareness about biodiversity.
Applications are closed
a year ago

Localized Agri-Food Systems and Biodiversity

The studies focus on Nordic low-intensity livestock systems related to species-rich semi-natural grasslands. All the studies show that low-intensive agriculture and use of semi-natural grasslands may play an important role in maintaining biodiversity on both small and large scales.
a year ago

H2020 CAPSELLA provide Open Data ICT solutions for all food-, field- and seed-related actors in Agrobiodiversity

The Collective Awareness PlatformS for Environmentally-sound Land management based on data technoLogies and Agrobiodiversity (CAPSELLA) provide open data ICT solutions for all food-, field- and seed-related actors in agrobiodiversity in a bottom-up, participatory approach.
a year ago

IBM and MTN used IoT to predict threats and combat the poaching of Endangered Rhinos

Through the platform, the solution collects animal location information, movement, direction and average speed of travel, along with other data. The data is used by Wageningen University to create approximately 20 rule-based patterns based on the animals’ response to threats. As a result, animals such as zebra will act as sentinels with their response patterns becoming an early warning system to protect the rhinos.
2 years ago

A 2017 Horizon Scan of Emerging Issues for Global Conservation and Biological Diversity

We present the results of our eighth annual horizon scan of emerging issues likely to affect global biological diversity, the environment, and conservation efforts in the future. The potential effects of these novel issues might not yet be fully recognized or understood by the global conservation community, and the issues can be regarded as both opportunities and risks.
2 years ago

Australia QUT to use drones to find and protect koalas

QUT will deploy drones in a high-tech effort to find and protect koalas in South East Queensland, with the State Government today announcing a funding boost for koala conservation.
2 years ago

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation

The system presented in this paper includes thermal image acquisition as well as a video processing pipeline to perform object detection, classification and tracking of wildlife in forest or open areas. The system is tested on thermal video data from ground based and test flight footage, and is found to be able to detect all the target wildlife located in the surveyed area.
2 years ago

Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Widespread Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies in the UK

In this study, an assessment was undertaken of the realistic deployment potential of a range of renewable energy technologies in the UK, considering constraints imposed by biodiversity conservation priorities. We focused on those energy sources that have the potential to make important energy contributions but which might conflict with biodiversity conservation objectives.
2 years ago

Agroforestry Practices Promote Biodiversity and Natural Resource Diversity in Atlantic Nicaragua

We found that agroforestry sites tended to have higher surface soil %C, %N, and pH relative to neighboring to secondary forest, while maintaining comparable plant diversity. In contrast, pasture reduced species richness, phylogenetic diversity, and natural resource diversity. No significant relationships were found between plant diversity and the soil properties assessed; however higher species richness and phylodiversity was positively correlated with natural resource diversity.
3 years ago

Integrating Technologies for Scalable Ecology and Conservation

Remote sensing, ground-based, and data fusion technologies are broadly discussed in the context of ecological research and conservation efforts. Examples of technology integration across all of these domains are provided for large-scale protected area management and investigation of ecological dynamics.
3 years ago

Agriculture and biodiversity: a better balance benefits both

We propose a holistic approach that contributes to the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices that both make use and support biodiversity and ecosystem services both in agricultural and in semi-natural areas. An agricultural system based on the full potential of (functional agro) biodiversity provides opportunities to create a resilient system in which both food production and nature can thrive.
3 years ago

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