Aether and Procter & Gamble Begin 3D Printing and AI Development Project

Aether, the pioneer of AI enhanced 3D printing and bioprinting, today announced the commencement of a two year joint development agreement with Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) “P&G” for the development of cutting edge 3D printing and AI technologies.

EU Call for Proposals: Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era

The selection of topics for funding is done based on the overarching technological challenges, due to their relevance and possibility to benefit a wide range of applications and sectors. The topic area is a natural continuation and expansion of previous activities undertaken by MARTEC I&II and is in alignment with Strategic Areas of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of JPI Oceans.
Application Deadline in 4 days

EU's Call for Proposals: Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants

Proposals need to develop new technologies to realise cognitive production plants, with improved efficiency and sustainability, by use of smart and networked sensor technologies, intelligent handling and online evaluation of various forms of data streams as well as new methods for self-organizing processes and process chains.
Applications are closed

ESI's Virtual Reality solution enables manufacturers to evaluate the interaction of people with products and processes

o answer new challenges growing at the heart of the Factory of the Future, ESI has fostered a unique and powerful Virtual Reality solution; one that enables manufacturers to evaluate ahead of time the interaction of people with products and processes.

Virtual Twins Tech, Teleoperation, and 3D Printing will Transform the Producer/Consumer Relationship

The fabrication, integration, and control of virtually any product is increasingly becoming digitized. This trend is accelerating as evidenced by recent surveys indicating that 3D Printing and other forms of additive manufacturing will have a positive impact, increase creativity and dramatically improve time to market, especially for certain goods and services.

Enabling Technologies for Operator 4.0: A Survey

The fast development of smart sensors and wearable devices has provided the opportunity to develop intelligent operator workspaces. The resultant Human-Cyber-Physical Systems (H-CPS) integrate the operators into flexible and multi-purpose manufacturing processes.

Internet of Nano-Things, Things and Everything: Future Growth Trends

The current statuses and future promises of the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE) and Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT) are extensively reviewed and a summarized survey is presented. The analysis clearly distinguishes between IoT and IoE, which are wrongly considered to be the same by many commentators.

EU's Call for Proposals: Pilot lines for modular factories

Modular production equipment can create highly adaptable production lines to enable efficient production of small series tailored to customer demands.
Applications are closed

Call for Proposals on Joint Innovation Projects between France and Singapore

Applicants are expected to develop ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods which have strong potential for the French, Singaporean and/or international market.

Opportunistic and Location-Based Collaboration Architecture among Mobile Assets and Fixed Manufacturing Processes

We propose the opportunistic and location-based collaboration architecture (OLCA) platform, which allows for smart devices to be attached to workers, products, and facilities to enable the collaboration of location and event information in devices.

Toward New-Generation Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is a general concept that is under continuous development.
10 months ago

MIDIH Call for Proposals: E3 Topic - Integrating CPS / IOT discrete manufacturing technologies in Process Industry experimental facilities

The E3 topic looks for CPS/IOT data-driven experiments involving all actors along the full value chain – from different types of raw material suppliers, through industrial transformation into intermediate products and applications, with the goal of reducing the environmental footprint and increase industrial efficiency. The experiments must use MIDIH reference architecture and reference implementations and the MIDIH Data Infrastructures.
Applications are closed
a year ago

MIDIH Call for Proposals: T1 topic - Modeling and Simulation innovative HPC/Cloud applications for highly personalised Smart Products

The T1 topic looks for product-oriented industrial modelling & simulation IT experiments, which are using the MIDIH "Data in Motion" and "Data at Rest" architectures and reference implementations and the MIDIH Data Infrastructures.
Applications are closed
a year ago

Big data driven customer insights for SMEs in redistributed manufacturing

Redistributed manufacturing (RdM) refers to manufacturing business models, strategies, systems and technologies that change the economics and organization of manufacturing, particularly related to location and scale. Small-scale manufacturing has the potential to help tailor products to satisfy the specific needs of consumers different in terms of geographical location, cultural roots, improve sustainability and drive the society towards circular economy.
a year ago

Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the European Union report 2018

The 2018 edition shows that Europe has a unique opportunity to lead the next wave of breakthrough innovation in areas where digital technology meets the physical world. These areas touch all sectors of the economy and society and include among others: digital manufacturing, genomics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.
a year ago

European Space Agency's Call for Proposals: Industry 4.0 and High Value Manufacturing Kick-Start Activities

The purpose of the connected factory is to connect, control and monitor virtually anything to drive productivity and profitability. Connecting the whole value chain from resource to customer and evolving towards a circular model is what enables the ‘connected factory’.
Applications are closed
a year ago

U.S. Call for Proposals: High Performance Computing Collaborations for U.S. Manufacturers

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $3 million in funding for 10 projects to help American manufacturers leverage the national laboratories' high performance computing (HPC) capabilities to address manufacturing challenges through state-of-the-art modeling, simulation, and data analysis.
Applications are closed
a year ago

Call for Proposals: SMART Advanced Manufacturing

SMART Call for Projects aims at helping EUREKA manufacturing enterprises to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing the necessary enabling technologies to support advanced manufacturing across a broad range of sectors.
Applications are closed
a year ago

EU Call for Proposals: Added-value manfacturing: a cross-cutting challenge

Rather than competing primarily on cost, added value manufacturers deliver value by delivering product/service innovation, establishing process excellence, achieving high brand recognition and/or contributing to a sustainable society.
Applications are closed
a year ago

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